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Hi, my daughter and I moved into a house in December and were lied to about how much it would cost to heat it. I have spent $1200 since Dec 22, 07 on heating oil. We have complained to the landlords and they are finally getting someone to look at the furnace, but I am completely out of savings, and out of heating oil again and it is still COLD!! We are having to use lots of blankets and dress very warmly and have been using the stove for a little at a time to get some heat.It is still in the low teens here at night and low thirties in the days with lots of wind.  I talked to an attorney and he said I could sue for failure to disclose on this, but I would get kicked out and we have no where else to go and no money now for a deposit on another place.

I work full time, am in college full time and on the deans list, and do not qualify for any assistance because I work full time ($8.00) and own my vehicle and have to much "equity" to recieve help. I am where I can pay rent for this month, or get heat. I can not use a space heater - I had one overheat and burn down a house several years ago and I am terrified of them. I don't know any other options.

I don't get child support because my ex-husband was very abusive and is in prison for 15 years for attempted murder on me. His family blames me and has written us off. My family has no money to help us. I am terrified of failing my daughter again. Please help us. We are praying desperately. We just need money to help us get more heating oil or with a deposit to get into a better place that has a better source of heat. Thanks

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